Leafy Green Vegetables for a Healthier Mind


Are you familiar with Popeye the sailor man? He’s a cartoon character that eats spinach to make his body strong. And immediately after gulping a can of spinach, he miraculously gets way stronger than he is. This cartoon helped increase spinach’s sales in America by one-third, and it’s also an efficient way to encourage children to eat vegetables.

Leafy green vegetables are usually avoided by many because of their unusual taste. It’s also probably because people prefer sweet food. However, we need the nutrients in green veggies to keep our bodies healthy and fit.

This is why juicing is an excellent alternative for picky eaters who barely eat green leafy vegetables.

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Benefits of Green Juice


Aside from spinach, other leafy veggies are also essential for our bodies. They help keep our system clean and in good condition.

A Sharp Mind

According to a study, consuming leafy veggies can help keep our mental abilities sharp. Incorporating collards, spinach, mustard greens, and kale into our diet can help prevent cognitive decline, which means we’ll also have fewer chances of developing illnesses related to the brain like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It could even prevent brain aging!

Leafy green vegetables are also packed with one form of vitamin K—K1. K1, called phylloquinone, is responsible for keeping our insulin levels healthy and helping us prevent dementia.


A Positive Mind

When the mind is healthy, we’ll also have a more optimistic way of thinking. This leads to having a more positive mindset. If our brain is in good condition, we can function well every day and finish the tasks assigned to us without dealing with a headache or other mental pains. In fact, one study revealed that consuming lots of vegetables—green or not—can cut down the chances of developing depression for up to 62%.

What are you waiting for? Start juicing greens now!

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