Indoor Gardening with LED Grow Lights


Gardening has tons of benefits. d fact, it’s even considered to be better than other hobbies in combating stress. Gardening encourages us to have a healthier lifestyle, improves our psychological well-being, and makes us more compassionate and kind to both nature and humans.

But why is it better to grow with LED lights? Let’s find out.

They don’t heat up


Although not all LEDs are equal, the best LED grow lights don’t build up the heat. In fact, you’ll be surprised by how bright the light is and how cool they operate compared to HPS and CFL lamps. These lights don’t waste a lot of energy by generating waste heat. And because they don’t heat up, plants can be situated closes to them because they won’t get damaged. Plants will transpire less too because LEDs are cooler and use less water in total.

They don’t need ballasts


A ballast is a passive component tailored to moderate the changes in a current. Conventional grow lights need this to prevent them from destroying themselves. These ballasts utilize energy to do their job, which means you’ll have a more expensive energy consumption.

LEDs, thank God for them, don’t need ballasts. You can choose the wavelengths of released light by using the right LED grow lights for a particular plant stage. However, you can’t do this with conventional lights since they offer only little control over the wavelengths of light they generate. Regular lights also make you buy additional filters which are, by the way, not even inefficient because they also give limited ability to choose desired wavelengths.

With LEDs, we can have significant control over light intensity. And did you know that if wavelengths can be controlled, the plants’ antioxidants content can increase, which means they’ll be more nutritious? And that’s according to NASA. How awesome is that?

They last long

Finally, LED grow lights can last waaaay longer than conventional lights. Unlike compact fluorescent lamps (that lasts 8,000-10,000 hours) and incandescent lights (which lasts around 1,000 hours), LEDs have a lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 hours or more! No more worrying about frequent replacements!

Do you know what to do now? You’ve guessed it right—start gardening with LED grow lights!

If you’re still doubting the awesomeness of LED grow lights, then I suggest you watch the video below.