Self-Kindness Project – Habits That Can Improve Your Life

It’s been said that you can’t give what you don’t have. The same thing is true to kindness. You can’t genuinely give it to others if you don’t receive it from yourself. If you are like some people, you may be too hard on yourself. You beat yourself up for missed opportunities or mistakes made. And if left unchecked, it could become a habit that may affect your life in more ways than you can imagine. Thankfully, self-kindness is something that you can practice every day. Here are some of the kind things you can do to yourself.

Start your day on a positive note

Your morning routines can influence the rest of your day whether you like it or not. So you might as well begin it on a positive note. Wake up early, spend time to meditate or simply quiet your mind, write down the things you are grateful for, make a plan for the day, and read or listen to something inspiring. Whatever it is that you choose to do, make sure that you devote at least thirty minutes of the time after you wake up to do something positive.

Give yourself time to prepare for the day

You’re not doing yourself any good by rushing through your morning preparations. It’s stressful to feel anxious and worried about running late or missing an appointment. Be kinder to yourself by allotting more time for all the preparations you need. Enjoy the simple pleasures of eating a healthy breakfast. Leave home with plenty of time to spare for unexpected delays. Sometimes self-kindness is all about paying attention to the little things that can improve your daily experiences.


Tackle the hardest things first

Maximize your time by dealing with the unpleasant or hard things first. This way you have the easier stuff to work on when your energy begins to wane. You have to give yourself the opportunity to accomplish your goals by understanding your peak times. This should help you schedule tasks to get the optimum results.

Pace yourself

Don’t work yourself to the ground. Regardless of how busy things get, always find time for a short break. Breathe, step away from whatever it is you are doing, and take time to gather yourself. You can be more clearheaded and productive if you treat yourself with kindness even on your busiest days.

Receive criticism with grace

Criticisms are uncomfortable and may be painful at times. But it won’t do you any good to focus on the negative things. Use them as references on how you can improve yourself. Pick the lessons and things you need to work on and forget about the things that will not be of any help to you.

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Caring for Your Backpack Sprayer


If you care about your plants, you know you have to purchase a back pack sprayer to keep pests away from them. And if you care about your backpack sprayer, you have to maintain it the right way.

Taking care of your sprayer can prolong its life and cause it to perform better than you expected.

Here are the maintenance tips you should follow:

Clean it after every use

back-pack-sprayingI know, I know, this is tiring to do. But trust me; it’ll be worth it. It’s essential to rinse your sprayer with a tank cleaner after using it. If you don’t have a cleaner, water will suffice. Doing so will prevent the chemicals and liquid from getting stuck and building up inside the tank. Keeping it clean regularly is one way to avoid spending money on repairs or replacements. So, don’t be lazy and clean it after each use.

Winterize it the right way

Don’t leave it out all alone in the cold! Before winter arrives, ensure that you’ve already winterized your spraying. This is a simple task. All you have to do is add an anti-freeze to the tank to keep it from getting frozen. And that’s it!

Handle herbicides correctly

Before using herbicides, read the instructions on the label first. This way, you’ll know how to handle, use, and dispose of it properly.

Get an extra tank

backpacksprayerTo avoid spraying the wrong product to your beloved plants, buy a spare tank. Doing so will also eliminate the need for emptying the sprayer tank and filling it over again with another type of liquid. A spare tank will also prevent contamination. Let’s say you used a broad-leaf herbicide, and you only have one tank so you’ll have to get rid of it before adding water to spray to your plants. You’ll have a difficult time removing that herbicide from the tank because it sticks too well to plastic. It really is clingy. This means you’ll spend a lot of time rinsing instead of distributing liquid to your plants. The backpack sprayer then becomes inconvenient for you. To solve this kind of problem, purchase one or two spare tanks and designate a container for each type of liquid you’ll use. This way, you won’t have to worry about spraying the wrong fluid.

Lubricate it if necessary

Your manufacturer might recommend you to lubricate the O-rings and sprayer’s seals, so make sure you read the manual of your sprayer carefully. It might suggest you grease it at the start of the spray season and once more during the midseason.


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Indoor Gardening with LED Grow Lights


Gardening has tons of benefits. d fact, it’s even considered to be better than other hobbies in combating stress. Gardening encourages us to have a healthier lifestyle, improves our psychological well-being, and makes us more compassionate and kind to both nature and humans.

But why is it better to grow with LED lights? Let’s find out.

They don’t heat up


Although not all LEDs are equal, the best LED grow lights don’t build up the heat. In fact, you’ll be surprised by how bright the light is and how cool they operate compared to HPS and CFL lamps. These lights don’t waste a lot of energy by generating waste heat. And because they don’t heat up, plants can be situated closes to them because they won’t get damaged. Plants will transpire less too because LEDs are cooler and use less water in total.

They don’t need ballasts


A ballast is a passive component tailored to moderate the changes in a current. Conventional grow lights need this to prevent them from destroying themselves. These ballasts utilize energy to do their job, which means you’ll have a more expensive energy consumption.

LEDs, thank God for them, don’t need ballasts. You can choose the wavelengths of released light by using the right LED grow lights for a particular plant stage. However, you can’t do this with conventional lights since they offer only little control over the wavelengths of light they generate. Regular lights also make you buy additional filters which are, by the way, not even inefficient because they also give limited ability to choose desired wavelengths.

With LEDs, we can have significant control over light intensity. And did you know that if wavelengths can be controlled, the plants’ antioxidants content can increase, which means they’ll be more nutritious? And that’s according to NASA. How awesome is that?

They last long

Finally, LED grow lights can last waaaay longer than conventional lights. Unlike compact fluorescent lamps (that lasts 8,000-10,000 hours) and incandescent lights (which lasts around 1,000 hours), LEDs have a lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 hours or more! No more worrying about frequent replacements!

Do you know what to do now? You’ve guessed it right—start gardening with LED grow lights!

If you’re still doubting the awesomeness of LED grow lights, then I suggest you watch the video below.

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How To Be More Positive


Ever wondered how other people still manage to smile, even if they’re going through a rough time? Ever wondered how other people still manage to laugh, even if nothing in their lives are going right?

Well, let me tell you a secret: POSITIVITY. It’s the kind of attitude that will give you strength, even if you’re going through a rough time. It’s also the kind of attitude that will give you hope, even if nothing in your life is going right.

Positivity is your happy pill, ready to help you get through a rough time. Positivity is also your calming pill, ready to help you get on the right track. Without it, life would be too negative. Without it, life would be too dark.

That being said, here are some ways to be more positive:

Reconnect With Nature

Be it roaming around the park or strolling inside the garden, one can always be more positive when reconnected with nature. You see, Mother Nature doesn’t just offer scenic views. You also see, Mother Nature doesn’t just offer tranquil waters and fertile lands. Nature at its best involves seeing birds fly high in the sky or even whales jumping over the sea, which you can see up close with spotting scopes. Nature at its best also involves experiencing rock climbs and trail hikes, which you can experience more so at famous attractions like the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Write Down Everything

No, it doesn’t mean you have to make a life novel to be more positive. Yes, it means writing down everything you’re grateful for to be more positive. It could be the things that make you happy every day. It could also be the people who make you calm every day. Now…let’s just say that whenever you’re going through a rough time, one look at those things you’ve listed down will help you get stronger. And now…let’s also say that whenever things aren’t going right, one look at those people you’ve listed down will help you get more hope.

Always remember, you can’t always control what happens in life. However, you can always control how you react about what happens in life – and that is, to be more positive…despite going through a rough time and even if nothing in life is going right.

Are you a positive person? What role does positivity have in your life? How does it help you get through a rough time? How does it help you get on the right track? Share your thoughts with us below!

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How to Be Kinder Every Day


We all have those days when kindness sometimes takes a back seat. It is not because we are bad people or we just want to be mean. But with so many things going on in our life, making a conscious effort to treat ourselves and others more kindly is not something we think much about. But being kinder every day is a habit that everyone can build. It may take some time to stick, but with continued practice it will lead to a more positive and fulfilling life.

Strive to be kind to yourself. Be kind to yourself the moment you wake up. Regardless of the situation you are currently in, think of something kind to say to yourself. Do not allow self-doubt or negative thought to take root. And now matter how bad you may feel at any given moment, give yourself a pat in the back and tell yourself that you can do it. Practicing self-compassion and kindness helps you to extend the same courtesy to others.

Always have something to be grateful for. Nurture a gratitude mindset. Think of something to be grateful for every day. This exercises your mind to focus on the good things that happened or are happening in your life. Practicing gratitude likewise leaves you happier. It brings to fore the positive things you may have overlooked while you were busy with your daily routines.

Suspend judgment. Have you ever been judged by some? How did it feel? Judging people is easy until you find yourself in the receiving end. It can be an unpleasant experience to say the least. You can be kinder every day by suspending judgment and giving people the benefit of the doubt. Avoid making assumptions about people’s actions.

Pause before you criticize. Criticism is a bitter pill that no one enjoys taking. Regardless of how constructive the criticism may be, you have to pause first before you start doing it. Find the right time and the proper way to say it. The person involved will most likely appreciate the gesture if you consider his or her feelings.

Notice the good. Find what is good in people as opposed to focusing on what is annoying or frustrating about them. Some people seem to be unlikable at the get go, but you can try to look for something positive about them. Noticing the good shifts your focus away from the things that you may not like about them.

Be present. You can be kinder just by being fully present in your interactions with people. You can actively listen to what they say without letting your mind wander into what you think are more important things. Being in the moment helps you make the most of the time you spend with family, friends, and the people around you.

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